59th Reunion - 8 Oct 2022 - Pasadena CA

Same location we've been meeting, at Mijares Restaurant, which is located at 145 Palmetto Drive in Pasadena.  (They have a nice private room with plenty of space.) 5:00pm cocktails, 6:30pm dinner. 

  1.  Mijares has informed us that only those who have been vaccinated and have proof of the vaccination will be allowed in the private room where we will be located.  Merely saying you are inoculated is not enough.  This is for our safety, and I fully support this!  (A recent negative covid test will not count, since that only guarantees how a person was up to the time he/she took the test.  BTW, please do not make this political!)
2.  Please pay in advance, not at the door.  We need everyone to pay in advance (like please go write a check after reading this), and here is why.  The committee has to guarantee the restaurant a certain amount of money in advance for food.  If people say they are coming and do not, we still have to pay! If (God forbid) we have to cancel the entire reunion, you will get 100% of your money back ASAP.  (This is not for anyone who has paid but cannot enter because he/she does not bring vaccination proof.)  By the way, this is NOT a money-making event.  We will spend more than we collect.  The price is a mere $40 per person.  This will pay only for the food.  We will supply (as in "free")  a goodly amount of wine throughout the event, and I can assure you that none of your money will be paying for it.  (Mijares will be only too happy to sell you mixed drinks if you want something else.)
3.    Please make your check payable to "Muir63.org" and mail to Maureen (Pearl) Eastvedt. If you need her address, send an email to the webmaster (kathryn@bassett.net) saying you need Maureen's address for reunion check.

Maureen, our beloved treasurer, will deposit these as enough checks come in to make it worth her while (the credit union is not close to her), so, please be patient if your check is not cashed immediately. PLEASE GO WRITE THAT CHECK NOW AND MAIL IT ASAP.  (I will be doing so as soon as I finish this posting.)

While I am hopeful we will have another 100 reunions after this one, I have an ever-so-minor doubt that may happen, so please do not fail to attend while all of us are still together.

Have a great weekend Mustangs!

Jack Hopper