58th Reunion - 16 Oct 2021- Pasadena CA

SAVE THE DATE for 2021. Same location we've been meeting, at Mijares Restaurant, which is located at 145 Palmetto Drive in Pasadena.  (They have a nice private room with plenty of space.) 5:00pm cocktails, 6:30pm dinner. 

OK, we are ready to smile, drink wine (or whatever) and just plain have FUN again.  Since we couldn't do that safely at what would have been our 57th  (must be a typo) reunion, we will do it at our 58th (another apparent typo), so mark your 2021 calendars and no excuses. :)

NO money is needed right now and will not be until sometime next year, but put down the date on your calendars now so you do not accidentally schedule something else instead.  We want to see all of you, and since we are not getting any younger, it might not be a good idea to wait for the 59th, er 29th.

Price yet to come. When the time comes you will make check payable to "Muir63.org" and mail to Maureen (Pearl) Eastvedt. If you need address, send an email to the webmaster (kathryn@bassett.net) saying you need Maureen's address for reunion check.